2012 Business Tips from Volcanic

2012 Business TipsAs we end 2011  with many news programme’s  gloomy about the future of business and profit warnings ringing out of our ears I want to share my thoughts about how we at Volcanic will be looking to help our clients in 2012 and what we will also be doing.

As we spoke in detail with our customers during 2011 a set of  consistent questions emerged:-

  • How do we maintain or increase our sales?.
  • How do we reduce costs without affecting our customer service?
  • What should we do with our website or in the social space?

These are both common questions, in fact we at Volcanic ask the same within our own business, so let me outline the advice we both follow and give: -

  1. Review what worked well and what didn’t work in 2011
  2. Create a marketing plan or update your current one. It gives you a chance to focus on your sales
  3. Increase your network – having and maintaining customers is good but seek strategic partners that will promote your services. It will help increase the number of opportunities that are available.
  4. Cut Costs – sometimes its more about reducing the cost of doing something without reducing the effectiveness. look at your overheads no matter how small and see if there are ways of saving money (hosting costs, domain renewals maintenance fees) leave no stone untouched to reduce costs.
  5. Get help – there’s an amazing number of people out there that can help other even consider hiring an experienced coach or consultant (Volcanic prides itself in helping in this space as we have a large number of experienced individuals that can help any size business).
  6. Update your website – Its never too soon but often too late to spend time on your website after all its the shop window and if managed properly it can provide a very cheap method of marketing and advertising  or even sales.
  7. Get Social – Don’t miss out this is probably the cheapest and most effective method of marketing there has ever been. Learn more by going on one of our courses its probably the best investment of your time you could make.
  8. Stop doing everything yourself.- Its easy to say but not easy to do but as I keep saying to my colleagues if you focus on what you are good and let other people focus on their skills then you’ll have better results.
Yes the world is a gloomy place but working at Volcanic and meeting our clients has enabled me to look past the gloom and embrace the diversity needed in the digital space to continue to succeed. For 2012, Volcanic will be here  to help lift the gloom and deliver better results for its clients.


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