Should I stay or should I go now?

Being one of the older members of volcanic team, I often mention verses from great songs I’d heard as a teenager, much to the confusion of my colleagues which are often followed by insults from the younger members of the team.

So the other day I was contemplating whether to launch one of our new products at the TFMA (Technology for Marketing & Advertising) in London by booking a stand. I’d contacted the organisers, had my quotes for the right stand, looked at who else would be there and considered the number and type of customers that may attend, I then looked at my budgets again!

Whilst thinking about making the decision, a great song by The Clash started playing which just about summed up my thought process.

  • With the first line of the verse, which is repeated, posing the question – ‘Should I stay or should I go now?’ which was how I was feeling and the dilemma I’m facing.
  • The second line states ‘ If I go there will be trouble’  which in my case means that there is a lot of work involved, a big budget and we may not even get any leads?
  • The third line states ‘If I stay it will be double’ with my double trouble being that that I’m better to at least try and fail than just to hope that customers discover us via direct marketing or web advertising. I need to have faith in this product and get it in front of customers, If I don’t get sales then my developemnt team will feel let down, so at least if I’m out of the office I can be seen to be trying.

The final line states ‘ So come on and let me know – Should I stay or should I go? Of course comments and suggestions are welcome, or if you could  ……. just tell me  ….. Should I go?


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