Cupcakes for Blogs!

A few weeks ago we started a competition within the company for each area of the business to submit a blog entry each day. The idea was simple – tell people what we are doing and what we are thinking whilst trying to make our work appear more interesting than it sometimes is.

It started slowly but as more & more articles were produced, the effort being put into the blogs increased which consequently improved the quality of the submissions. We also saw an increase in the amount of traffic to our website which seemed to be directly related to the well written articles that were published, however what we actually discovered was far more interesting and beneficial to the business.

As the articles started to be written, we found that there was a competition to write the best article and to receive the most comments on an individuals blog. This sense of competition has helped with team moral and has brought the teams together. We also found that our customers were reading and asking about what we blogging about, which presented us with more opportunities to sell our services in other areas as we demonstrated expertise.

The main reasons we found for writing our blogs are: -

  • Search engine optimised – appearing on Google within 10 minutes of writing
  • Fastest and least expensive ways to increase our online exposure
  • Therapeutic method to share and seek solutions to some of our problems
  • Its great for team building .
  • Allows us to show our expertise
  • Leads to more work

Finally and probably the best reason to blog in our company is that the best blog of the week wins a Cupcake, so what other reward do we need – don’t forget to vote for mine ;-)



Cupcake for Blogs

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